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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Somebody please help our children...

Time for a reality check...

1. Punjabi wannabe "gangsters" are not cool.
2. Desi's dressing/acting thugged out are not cool.
3. Looney Tunes characters don't wear huge Khandas around their necks, not even in the cartoons.
4. Looney Tunes shirts only belong on kids.
5. It's not cool to act like someone who you are not.

Unfortunately, looks like the kids in the video below suffer from all of the symptoms above. If you, or anyone you know suffers from these symptoms, help is still available. A good "thupur" across the face should work.

Maybe they should be proud of who they are? I guess that's too easy.

I don't hold anything against these types of kids. I know they are good at heart... they are just being silly. I guess they'll realize that life is not being stuck in a rap music video and portraying it on the streets of New York... all in front of a Sikh float that has not changed in 15 years or so...

Please remember that friends don't let friends become fake G-Unit members.

Help the children.


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