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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Support this film - Anokhe Amar Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji

Supreet and I just saw this film over the weekend, and enjoyed it very much:

Anokhe Amar Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji

Check local listing to support this great film as it is being distributed worldwide. By far it is one of the best films made on the Sikh religion with an extremely high budget.

Learn more about Baba Deep Singh at SikhiWiki. Check out the trailer below if you haven't seen it yet.

"The Trailer: Anokhe Amar Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji"


Anonymous Karamjeet Singh said...

WaheGuruJeeKaaKhaalsa WaheGuruJeeKeeFateh

Bhai Sahib Ji,do you know if this movie is available to buy on DVD???


WaheGuruJeeKaaKhaalsa WaheGuruJeeKeeFateh

3:43 PM  
Anonymous SikhSpeak.Com said...

Bhaji i know this is an old post but for Karamjeet Singh Ji u can now purchase this at babadeepsinghmovie.com (its fairly cheap)


9:20 AM  

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