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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

From Sarna to Snake

Well the last couple of weeks have been interesting and busy for me. Hopefully by now, you are in the process of making a video for this year's SikhNet Online Film Festival. I've been busy with fun, fun, fun wedding planning (wow!), however here are two quick items that I wished to comment on that recently hit the news waves.

I want to applaud the efforts of Paramjit Singh Sarna and DSGMC for taking a stand in enforcing simple traditional Sikh marriages that are not elaborate and not cash excessive. Although his stance is hard line against the dowry system (which Sikhism is against but for some silly reason still practiced by some Sikhs), this type of measure is needed to jolt people especially with newly coined term of "Big Fat Sikh Weddings" (thank you Mr. Chatwal). And with the silly "Indian mentality," people are too ego driven and try to show off by outdoing one another.

You wouldn't believe how many times I have refrained from talking to vendors that I'm a Sikh of Punjabi descent. Once they know that, they have one stereotype in mind: Vast amounts of alcohol, big decorations, flamboyant and huge. Worst part, this is coming from Non-Sikhs who have come to learn this by catering to previous customer needs.

My folks were curious to do my wedding reception at this one Hilton location near my home. Once the wedding planner asked me if I was of Indian descent, she pressed me to share more where I'm from in India. She went on even to say "People from Southern India are reserved and have boring parties. People from the North, especially Punjab, have big huge bashes."

Luckily this was done over the phone because my face had a really funny looking frozen expression because of how shocked I was listening to this. So when I finally broke down (I still don't know why to this day) and told her that my origins are from Punjab, she told me this:

"Oh, so what you want is a big, fat, huge, Punjabi bash for your wedding reception."

Really? Is this what I want?

I quickly ended the phone conversation and told my parents that the Hilton was a no go.

Just the other day, I met with a decorator to see what type of decorations we can do for the wedding reception. The Desi decorator quickly knew I was of Punjabi descent with my distinctive turban and beard, and proceeded to tell me that Punjabi receptions are huge and big on visual decorations. Then she proceeded to ask me what my budget potentially would be to meet the decoration request.

I simply gave a one sentence reply: "Simple and beautiful."

I went on to explain my rationale to this and she was presently shocked and happy. "Wow." she said, "Your personality and style is of the Anti-Punjabi nature. I like it."

Anti-Punjabi. Yes that's me, and I'm proud of it. Hopefully the next generation of Singhnees and Singhs can lead the way and remove this horrible stereotype towards the principle and values behind Sikh weddings. It small steps, as Mr. Sarna has done, which will hopefully take us in this much needed direction.

Okay, enough babbling. Time for fun. Time for Snake.

I'll have to devote about one-two weeks once Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots comes out. When the following trailer below was shown at E3 a couple weeks back, I watched it like four bajillion times driving my Mom crazy as I quoted the lines of Solid Snake. This is the game that will make me buy a PS3, but only when it comes out.

I'm no hero. Never was.
God Bless you Solid Snake!

Quick nerdy observations to the trailer if their are any other Metal Gear fans out there:

- Naomi Hunter is seen with Liquid Ocelot in the beginning and is in the chopper that he is about to board at the end.

- No one is effected by the "mind control" that is invoked on all the various soldiers by Ocelot except for Snake and the masked guy with the glasses who is with Meryl. This type of mind control, as shown by Gene in Portable Ops, had no effect either on Big Boss. I'm curious to see who the masked guy is, and how he may potentially continue the Metal Gear series.

Solid Snake is one cool dude, you bama!
Solid Snake is my video game hero.

That's it. I'm out. Time to wash my hair.


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Blogger Gurumustuk Singh said...

I'm all for simple weddings. People stress themselves out way too much in trying to have the "perfect" wedding that "you will remember for the rest of your life". It's all hogwash if you ask me. Most of the lavish expensive stuff doesn't change the experience. It's more about the people. You could have such a simple wedding and have it be more memorable than a "big fat one" (minus the stress and the big bills).

Anyone having a wedding should limit the time they plan...since it will just drag on and on forever. That's why quick weddings are great...because they don't have time to do all that and just have a simple wedding.

Such is life... *sigh*

Good luck with all the wedding stuff sartaj!

12:37 PM  
Blogger sartaj said...

I agree with you Gurumustuk. However I'm learning that even to have a simple wedding (videographer, photographer, etc.) does cost money. Especially if you are someone like me who wants someone with talent.

Oh well. I know I'm not in the Vikram Chatwal era, and never ever want to be.

Seen Nihung Singh running around lately?


10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im all for the simple wedding thing. and the no alcohol thing in receptions, but i dont think theres nothing wrong with a big party. almost evry1 in my family has had a big reception in india and evry1s always said they're so much fun.

5:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it could be that punjabi's parties are bigger and more grand and stuff cause there is more of a togetherness and family atmosphere. and theres nothing wrong with big parties OR small parties.

3:27 PM  
Blogger Gursean said...

dude, i liked you reception, dat simple yet beautiful idea was briliant

7:05 PM  
Blogger sartaj said...

thanks dude. i'll post pictures to this site whenever they are available. hopefully it was in agreement with this article, but i'm glad you enjoyed and glad you were there.... you bama.

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg snake is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:13 PM  

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